Friday, October 17, 2008

My Doppelganger

I'm going to call her DG for short.

From Merriam-Webster online:
Function: noun
Etymology: German Doppelganger, from doppel-double + ganger-goer
Date: 1851
1. a ghostly counterpart of a living person
2a. double 2b. alter ego 2c. a person who has the same name as another.

The Uniquely You dress forms are made of squishable foam. In theory at least, through altering the cover that comes with it, you should be able to create a form that truly resembles you. A real doppelganger, but hopefully without the eerie overtones.

I've wanted one for some time. It's hard to fit on yourself, especially your back, without a fitting buddy, and even then one feels terrible imposing on your partner all the time.

Plus I have some fitting challenges that a standard dress form simply cannot handle. The first and biggest challenge is my narrow shoulder width. My TwinFit's shoulders are simply too wide, and there is no way to make them any narrower.

After doing a bit of research, I quickly decided to abandon the cover that came with DG. I completed my moulage, a zero-ease sloper, a couple of years ago, and Sherril Miller's review of her UY on PatternReview gave me the notion of sewing it up in microfiber twill. Since the twill has absolutely no stretch whatsoever, it should squish DG right down into my shape, right?

Here's the moulage on me - ideally my DG is going to look EXACTLY like this.

Well, my first attempt to get it on her was an utter failure. I squeezed and squeezed and just could not get the d**n thing on her!

When Nick came home, the two of us tried. We were able to get it on her, and partially zipped, but her bodacious boobs defeated us.

My doppelganger needed surgery - drastic surgery.

I gave her a double mastectomy. This kind of worked, in that we could actually get the cover on and zipped, but DG is still sorely lacking in terms of looking like me yet.

More to come in a second post - I'm not defeated yet!


Leslie said...

LOL, the 'mastectomy' is hilarious! I remember Sherill Miller's adventures with this dress form good luck!

Anonymous said...

I've been looking at this form for a bit now. But I have some questions for the manufacturer and I can't find that info at all... I was hoping, since you actually have one, if there was any form of contact info, or even a name, for them? Any info wold be a great help!